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2020_2021 Tryout Dates




Under 10 & Younger Age Groups may begin tryouts on June 5th, 2020.

Under 11 & Older Age Groups may begin tryouts as early as June 6th, 2020.


Kansas Youth Soccer Rule 3.13 Free Agency Period, Tryouts & Recruitment:


Rule Summary & Details:

Formal Acceptance:  Once a player has made a formal acceptance (written or electronic signature) to an offer from a club or team, they are bound to that club/team for the seasonal year until the next free agency period begins the following seasonal year, UNLESS a Release/Transfer Request is submitted and approved by all parties involved. 

  • A player shall have TEN (10) DAYS from the date of their acceptance in which to rescind their commitment to the club/team and change their mind without penalty, financial or otherwise. No form is required just document proper dates in case of appeal or protest from the club. 


Free Agency Period:  From the date of the tryout until July 15th or until a formal acceptance is made (written or electronic signature) to an offer from a club or team.  If after July 15th a player has NOT accepted a formal acceptance from a team or club then they will remain a Free Agent until that time. 

Please contact your club for more details on tryouts and registration processes. 

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Questions, please email:

Phil Gomez
State Registrar
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