Kansas Youth Soccer Wants To Help Your Organization Provide the Best Soccer Services To Your Community: 

Kansas Youth Soccer is an organization dedicated to serving members of the Kansas soccer community. We can offer organizations that wish to srart a league or a club help with their organizational efforts as well as, playing format, coaching and coaching education, participation in the Olympic Development Programs, Camps and State tournaments.  We can also assist organizations in other areas relative to youth soccer and non profit association management.  We would be pleased to speak to anyone from your organization about how we can assist you in becoming a member of one of the largest youth soccer organizations in the United States.

Click on the link below to review the benefits of becoming a member of Kansas Youth Soccer!
To become an Affiliate Member of Kansas Youth Soccer, please send the following items to:

Kansas Youth Soccer Office
4745 W. 136th Street
Overland Park, KS  66224

1.  2 copies of the applicant's constitution, bylaws, playing rules, policies and procedures.
2.  A list of the organizations' Board of Directors with addresses and telephone numbers.
3.  Initial application  and check for membership fee.  If membership is refused, this fee will be returned.

If your organization does not have its own bylaws, playing rules, policies and procedures, we have sample templates listed on this page for you to utilize in crafting those documents.   

Each organization desiring to become an Affiliated Member must be approved by the KSYSA Board of Directors. Application for membership must be made in writing by the duly authorized agent of the applicant and must be sent to the KSYSA state office, which shall process the application.

Kansas Youth Soccer invoices Affiliate Members 4 times a year for player and staff fees: 

Staff                                        $10
Competitive Players                  $13
Secondary Competitive Players   $5
Recreational Players                  $7
Transfers                                   $5

If you have questions, please contact the Kansas State Office at (913) 782-6434 or info@kansasyouthsoccer.org