Meet the Foundation Board

Patrick McArdle, President

Jerry Nebbia, Vice President and Treasurer

Steven Schwartz, Secretary

Brian Kawamoto, Board Member

Alan Blinzler, Board Member

The Kansas State Youth Soccer Foundation was created with an initial principal of $100,000 made possible by a contribution from the Kansas State Youth Soccer Association.  For more information about the Foundation's policy statements, philosophy, objectives, and goals, click on the links below.  Once additional funds have been raised, applicants will use a GRANT REQUEST APPLICATION to be considered for a grant award.

Investment Objectives and Goals
Investement Policy Statement
Spending Policy Statement

The mission of the Kansas State Youth Soccer Foundation is simple: to grow the sport of soccer in Kansas.  The Foundation will accomplish this by providing funding opportunities to members of the Kansas State Youth Soccer Association.

The principles of the Foundation are to advocate for the sport of soccer, provide resources to members, and be responsible stewards of the Foundation's resources

Areas of interest
The Foundation's areas of interest for funding include field and training equipment and programs for the disadvantaged and underprivileged.  Excluded areas include grants or loans for individuals and for-profit entities, general fund drives and appeals, other private foundations, or any activity which could influence elections or legislation.

Who may apply?
Only members and affiliates of the Kansas State Youth Soccer Association may apply.

Donating is simple.  Send your contribution to: 

Kansas State Youth Soccer Foundation
4745 W. 136th St. 
Leawood, KS  66224