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Congratulations on your achievement!  We appreciate your longtime dedication to soccer, especially in the State of Kansas.  We applaud each of you for all your effort in helping Kansas become what's now known to many as the "Soccer Capital of America." 


2018 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees 

Founder: TBD
Lifetime Achievement:  TBD
Outstanding Achievement:  TBD
Merit Award:  TBD


2017 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees 

Lifetime Achievement:  Michael Whitmore 
Outstanding Achievement:  Carrie Ogonowski & Jon Kempin 


2016 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

Founder:  Jim Anderson & Joe Henley
Outstanding Achievement:  Richard Kaminsky


2015 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

Founder:  Steve Merz
Lifetime Achievement:  Donna Kaminsky, Elizabeth (Bette) Hammes, & John (Jack) Hammes

Outstanding Achievement:  Alan Shepherd


2011 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

Founder:  Chuck Niggley, Claudette Pehde, & Glenda Hauck

Lifetime Achievement:  Neil Rusch, Emilio John, Bill Shilling, & Barry Wallace
Outstanding Achievement:  Tim Collins & Tara Nott Cunningham


2010 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

Lifetime Achievement: Lucio Arteaga, Jeff Booth, Duane Desmarteau, Woody Duncan, Tim Knox, Klaus Kreutzer, Les Longhauser, McTighe Family (Hugh, Patty, Tug, Chris and Brad), & Bob Taton



2009 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

Founder:  Chris Christoffersen & Beth Christoffersen

Lifetime Achievement:  Ian "Bill" Davey & Emilio John
Outstanding Achievement:  Holly Gault, Lebaron Hollimon, Will John, & Scott Vermillion






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