·         To honor the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals whose significant accomplishments and effect upon the sport in Kansas merit the highest recognition.

·         To promote the sport of soccer to both the soccer community and to the general public.

·         To honor those who contributed to the growth of soccer in Kansas.

·         To provide future generations with exemplary citizenship role models.

·         To build and bring public attention to the sport of soccer.

2011 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

Chuck Niggley
Claudette Pehde
Glenda Hauck

Lifetime Achievement
Neil Rusch
Emilio John
Bill Shilling
Barry Wallace

Outstanding Achievement
Tim Collins
Tara Nott Cunningham

2010 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

Lifetime Achievement 
Lucio Arteaga
Jeff Booth
Duane Desmarteau
Woody Duncan
Klaus Kreutzer
Les Longhauser
McTighe Family (Hugh, Patty, Tug, Chris and Brad)
Bob Taton

2009 Kansas Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

Chris Christoffersen
Beth Christoffersen

Lifetime Achievement
Ian "Bill" Davey
Emilio John

Outstanding Achievement
Holly Gault
Lebaron Hollimon
Will John
Scott Vermillion

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