Kansas Youth Soccer is comprised of Affiliate and Associate Members.  All Affiliate Members (registering players) have a Club/League Registrar.  Contact your Club/League  to register directly.

Kansas Youth Soccer requires all coaches, team officials and referees working youth games to undergo a background check.  Each person will need to register through a risk management-enforced club account in order to be approved.  Your club will send you an email with a personalized login and password and a link to log into you account. After logging in, if you have completed a check in the past year, you will see a Check Reports button in the background checks area.  If your information matches and is verified, your approval will be updated immediately.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the process.  Please do this as soon as possible.
1) Click on Contact Information and fill out your personal information
2) Click on Background Checks in the gray menu and click Submit New Request (If you do not see the background check link you must contact your club/league.)
3) Confirm your contact and personal information, answer the Background Information Disclosure, agree to the background check and Liability Waiver and press Submit.
4) You can check this background check link for your real time status.  It may take as long as a week, but in most cases your status will be updated in under 24 hours.

For more detailed directions CLICK HERE

If you are an independent team wishing to join one of our Member Clubs/Leagues, please refer to out
Member Clubs/Leagues page to find a member in your area.  If you are an independent team(s) wishing to join Kansas Youth Soccer as an affiliate member, CLICK HERE.

If you are a player who is not associated with any other team and wishing to become an At-Large player, you can register directly with Kansas Youth Soccer by contacting the Kansas Youth Soccer Office at (913) 782-6434. Please refer to the
forms page for fees and documents needed to process an At-Large Player card. 

NEW REGISTRARS should contact the Kansas Youth Soccer office to obtain a login for GotSoccer and set up a GotSoccer Training session.