Effective July 1, 2009, all Certified Referees who are 18-years-old or older during a seasonal year that will be working Kansas Youth Soccer sanctioned leagues, tournaments or friendly games must complete a Risk Management background check and pay a $10 annual fee to Kansas Youth Soccer per seasonal year which begins September 1 and runs through August 31. 

All Certified Referees who are 18 and above will have a mandatory background check performed. Referees will NOT be permitted to work any Kansas Youth Soccer event until approved by Risk Management.

Certified Referees who are younger than U18 do not need to complete a background check.

Risk Management is necessary and required because referees have direct interaction with children playing on the soccer field.  Risk Management via KSYSA does a background check which includes looking at the National Sexual Predators Database; the National Criminal Database and a Local/State and County Database for any State and County where they've ever lived.  Our check is the most comprehensive background check and therefore KSYSA Board members feel it is necessary to protect our youth players adequately. If you are a referee in two states, we do not currently have access to any other State's checks but we are working on ways to resolve and streamline this process.

For More information on Frequently Asked Questions for Certified Referees working Affiliated Youth Games 

The Kansas Referee Development is not bonded or licensed to handle Risk Management information.  If you have any questions regarding Risk Management call the Kansas Youth Office (913-782-6434) or visit their Web Page for assistance. 

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Be sure to designate KANSAS as  your assigned State in order to complete a background check