COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Youth Module I - U6/U8 Course is a mix of theoretical (On-line course work) and practical (Field Session) information for coaches (and administrators and parents) working with children between the ages of four and eight.
The U6/U8 Course explains and demonstrates how to organize child-centered soccer programs for very young children and includes many examples of age-appropriate soccer-related activities via the On-line course materials as well as the Field Session.

At its core, the Youth Module I - U6/U8 Course explains and demonstrates why soccer for entry-level players should not be viewed in the same light, or organized in the same competitive formats, as soccer for teenagers or adults.  

The vast majority of coaches in the United States are Moms and Dads who volunteer their time for their child's soccer teams.
The Youth Module I - U6/U8 Course was designed with these coaches in mind and is geared to those who are "new" to soccer, or new to their role of "coach" in soccer.

The self-paced On-line module is geared for those who work with children between the ages of five through eight to provide theoretical information.

To gain access to the course materials, you must first register using the US Youth Coaching Education E-Coaching system.

Once the online portion has been completed, you will then need to register for one of the practical Field sessions to complete the course and receive your Kansas Youth Soccer Youth Module I Coaching Certificate.

Course Length:  Online Module (Theoretical) - self paced but total of 45-60 minutes; Field (Practical "hands on" activities) - 2 hours.
Course Cost: $35.00


Youth Module I - U6/U8 Course Process:
1) Sign-up On-line for FREE (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the US Youth Coaching Education On-line site) and complete the self-paced On-line course module.  Create username (E-mail address) and password (you will remember);
2) Upon completion of the On-line course, SELECT and REGISTER for one of the practical Field Sesssions (click on the LINK to REGISTER via GOT SOCCER site - CLICK HERE FOR FIELD SESSION REGISTRATION
3) Complete participation with both the On-line and the Field session to receive your Advanced Youth Module I Coaching Certificate.  

*This course is recommended for coaches working with Recreational players/teams U8 or younger.

Host organizations may be required to provide U6/U8 players (approximately 8-10) for the course.