2012 Fall Competition

FIFA Laws of the Game

League Modifications

The Club Pass system will be in use for rosters in the KSL.  Teams will be limited to a roster of 25 players.  Teams are limited to 18 for Game day and on the sideline.  Players may play up or down between age divisions.

All players and coaches must present to the referee, prior to the start of the match, a current KSYSA membership pass, with picture and laminated both sides, from the club they represent.  This may be the traditional USYSA pass.  Players may only play for one club in the KSL.

Guest players are allowed.  Referees must inform both coaches of guest players.  A player or coach who arrives to a match late must present a current pass to the sideline official at the time of arrival.  Only coaches and players who have presented passes may be on the team sidelines.  Spectators are required to take the opposite side of the field.

There are no exceptions to this rule.  If the referee cannot verify everyone on the field is registered, the match will be abandoned and logged as not played.  If a referee consistently does not check player cards they will not be paid for officiating KSL matches.

Match Duration

U13/U14     35 minute halves.
U15/U16     40 minute halves.
U17/U18     45 minute halves.

Coaches may change the length of any match as long as both coaches agree and inform the referee prior to the start of a match.

Teams play the match length of the oldest team scheduled to compete.  Coaches will advise referees if they are playing two games in one day.


Limited player substitutions at any stoppage at the discretion of the referee.  No re-entry per half - up to 7 substitutions per half.

Inclement Weather

Once a match has started, the referee is responsible for postponing matches that are a risk to all participants.  Prior to the start of the time of the match, the field managers & the coaches have the responsibility.  Both coaches must inform the referee that they have agreed not to play a match due to the weather conditions.

Referees will be paid for matches that have started and must be cancelled.

Pay Scales

U13/U14 = 85.00 crew > Center 35.00/Line 25.00
U15/U16 = 100.00 crew > Center 40.00/Line 30.00
U17/U18 = 115.00 crew > Center 45.00/Line 35.00

Pay Form


The KSL will pay for referee assessments for all referees who commit to 5 or more games per season.  We reimburse at our payscale of 48.00.  Please contact your assignor if you would like to be assessed.  Team will play full matches if an assessment is requested.

The KSL will assist all referees who would like guidance from a mentor through the KRC mentoring program.  We feel strongly that the league should provide the environment for the development of the player and the referee.  Please contact your area assignor if you wish to be assigned a mentor.

KSL Referee Assignors

Mark Sheldon - KSYSA; (913) 782-6434 ext. 202


Referees should keep a record of the match.
All Red Cards or ejections must be reported on game day.  Please report using the referee KSL web page - 
http://www.kansasyouthsoccer.org/events/kspl_referees.aspx or e-mail them to the League Director.  They must include the teams participating, match time, location, and the name(s) and number of the player(s), coach(es), or other official(s) receiving the red card or ejection.

Please write or call the League Director at any time if you have a question or would like to make an observation or comment.  We greatly appreciate the input from our referees.

Phil Jorgenson
League Director
913-780-2185 Home
913-271-7445 Cell