Scheduled Match Policy

After schedules are finalized at the start of each season, no match may be canceled or rescheduled for any reason other than weather related field closures.  
All teams are required to play their scheduled matches.   Once a match has started, the referee has the responsibility to stop a match if conditions become unplayable or dangerous to continue.

Substituting Player Policy

The KSL will utilize the Club Pass Roster - limiting to 25 player maximum for the season.  You can play any player from your club in a scheduled match as long as you do not substantially change the level of competition.  It is the KSL policy, that as a courtesy to the opposition, if you need to add players from another team, call the opposing coach and inform them of your situation.  Otherwise you risk the match declared a forfeit if the substituted player(s) create a mismatch.

New to Club Promotion
Prior to distributing any promotional material at another club's event, you must have written permission from that club.

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