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KSYSA Mission & Risk Management Information


At its core, Kansas State Youth Soccer Association’s (KSYSA) mission is to provide children from all walks of life the opportunity to play and learn valuable life lessons from participation in the world’s most populous sport.  KSYSA strives to complete its mission through the fair and neutral administration of our member clubs, leagues, and tournaments.


KSYSA is not a law enforcement agency.  It has not been trained nor empowered to assist in the adjudication of immigration law by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or any of DHS' subordinate agencies tasked with enforcing immigration law. Although KSYSA requires individuals interested in participating with its member organizations to conclusively prove their identities, KSYSA (and its background check vendor) does not routinely disseminate collected information to law enforcement departments at any level.  KSYSA will follow all applicable statutes and will not share personal information with any law enforcement agency unless required to do so by law.



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