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KSYSA Bylaws 3.13.1

D. For any player requesting a release, a KSYSA Drop/Transfer form must be submitted to their current coach and club Registrar. After the 14-day rescission period players are bound by any signed financial or contractual obligations with their current club/team. Clubs/teams may elect to charge a drop/transfer fee not to exceed $500 to cover actual fees already incurred; provided however, if clubs/teams provide a written statement of expenses that the team will reasonably incur over the course of the year to players during tryouts and prior to the player executing registration forms, and this statement notifies players that the club/team will rely on players to pay their share of these expenses even if the player should leave the team, then the player is bound to the team for such expenses, up to $500, and shall not be transferred or released if a request for release is contested until such expenses are paid to the club/team.


E. If a player release is contested, a request for a review must be submitted to the State Office. A three-member panel from the district involved shall review the reasons and determine if they are valid. If the panel finds the reasons to be valid, that player is  removed from roster and becomes a transfer to any other team.

(PARENTS: This form may also be presented by the team manager.  Please make sure you have communicated with your club and/or team contact that you are completed this form prior to doing so. Some clubs will not approve without prior communication.)
Complete the information on this form.  
The form will automatically be submitted to KSYSA and the player's current club, please take the player's card to the registrar of your current club.  

The Club Registrar will complete their portion of this form.   
Club Registrars must approve or deny release within 7 days. (Email the Club Registrar if you have not been released to remind them after the 7 days)
Players who have not met their financial obligations to their current team/club will NOT be approved for Release or Transfer until all financial matters are settled.

Transfer will not be completed until both registrars finalize the actions needed.  
This includes:
• The submission of this form
• The submission of the current player card to the registrar whose team/club you are leaving
• Signature of the current registrar 
• Verbal confirmation from the accepting team if player is being transferred


Player Release/Transfer Form 


Questions, please email:

Phil Gomez
State Registrar
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