Kansas Youth Soccer

2015 AGM Registration (will be active soon)

Below are the dates regarding deadlines for the February 21, 2015 AGM:

The 2015 AGM will be held in Olathe, Kansas and will feature coaching sessions, board sessions, registrars sessions and the membership meeting beginning on Friday evening, February 20th through Saturday afternoon, February 21st.

Tuesday, September 26, 2014
Advanced notice for bylaw amendments

Saturday, October 26, 2014          
(120 days prior to the AGM)
Bylaw amendments due

Monday, November 25, 2014        
(90 days prior to the AGM)
Advanced notice for constitution amendments and election information

Wednesday, December 25, 2014            
(60 days prior to the AGM)
Constitution amendments due

Friday, January 24, 2015       
(30 days prior to the AGM)
Candidate declarations due, proposed amendments sent to members.

Per Bylaw 216, Qualifications of Officers, the following is the list of positions with the candidates that have given the required 30 day notice to be nominated for an Officer for election at the 2013 Kansas Youth Soccer Annual General Meeting.  There will not be nominations from the floor at the AGM for these positions (Incumbents marked with *):

Vice President-Recreation -
Vice President-Competitive -  
Secretary -
District I Commissioner - 
Alternate District I Commissioner -
District II Commissioner -
Alternate District II Commissioner - 
District III Commissioner -
Alternate District III Commissioner -
District IV Commissioner - 
Alternate District IV Commissioner - 
District V Commissioner - 
Alternate District V Commissioner - 


Below is the information regarding the election of officers for Kansas State Youth Soccer Association.  At the February 21, 2015 Annual General Meeting, the positions of President, Treasurer, District Commissioners, and Alternate Commissioners will be elected. Attached are the Conflict of Interest Form and the Conflict of Interest Rule.  If you need to complete risk management and a background check screening, please contact the Kansas State Office, by email at info@kansasyouthsoccer.org or by phone at 913-782-6434.


The officers shall be the President, Vice President of Recreation, Vice President of Competitive, Secretary and Treasurer who shall be elected by ballot at the annual general meeting. Their term of office shall be two (2) years with the President and Treasurer being elected in odd-numbered years and the Vice President of Recreation, Vice President of Competitive and Secretary being elected in even-numbered years.

Qualification of Officers

As a condition to being nominated for an officer described in Bylaw 213 (President, Vice President for Recreation, Vice President of Competitive, Secretary, Treasurer, District Commissioner, or Alternate District Commissioner), the person to be nominated will submit to the Secretary and the Executive Director at least 30 days prior to the date scheduled for the Annual General Meeting, a Candidacy Notification for the officer position, a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form that complies with the Organization’s Rule, a Risk Management Disclosure Form, and a statement attesting to the following:

That the person to be nominated is currently in good standing with the United States Soccer Federation.

That the person to be nominated is aware of the requirements of the office they are seeking and agrees to attend the meetings required of such an office and fulfill the duties of the office.

That the person to be nominated has completed and either previously submitted a current Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form as required by the Organization’s Rules or submits one with this Statement.

That the person has submitted or with the submission of this Statement will complete a Risk Management Disclosure Form. 

Any candidate appointed to fill a vacancy described in Bylaw 214, Section 3, or elected by a write-in vote shall complete the Disclosure Forms and submit the required Statement prior to assuming their Office.

Names of the interested candidates will be distributed to the general membership no later than 25 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. If no candidates have submitted their names, the general membership will be notified no later than 25 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Only in the event that no candidate files for a position before the 30-day deadline will nominations be accepted from the floor at the Annual General Meeting. Those nominees from the floor must submit Disclosure Forms and the required Statement at the time of the nomination.