Here is a list of some questions parents may have regarding our player camps along with Kansas Youth Soccer Association expectations of parents.

How are the players grouped during training?
The players are grouped according to age and level of play. We aim for the groups to be no bigger than 12 players and one staff coach.
When the players first arrive at camp they will be placed into a group consisting of other players of the same age and level of play which is required upon registering. From there the staff will evaluate the talent of each individual player over the first 2 training sessions and adjust the groups according to ability.
For example, if there is a player within a group who demonstrates ability above the rest of the group, then he/she will be moved into a higher ability/older age group ONLY IF the child desires. This is at the discretion of the Lead Instructor and not from those of a parent.

What equipment does my child need to wear/bring to camp?
All players will be required to wear the necessary equipment required to play in a real soccer game.
  • Soccer Cleats, unless indoor shoes are requested for specific camps
  • Sneakers
  • Shin-Guards
  • T-Shirt, Shorts & Socks
  • A warm-up suit and/or rain gear
  • Plenty of water or sports drinks (No Soda)
  • Bug Spray and Sun Block
  • Snacks
  • An appropriate size soccer ball will be required for specific camps
What happens if it rains at camp?
If it rains we will still train, however if the weather becomes dangerous (lightning, high winds, extreme heat, etc.) then each facility has options to take appropriate shelter or some may have alternate training facilities. Our staff will always be present at the venue before the camp is scheduled to commence to provide any updates on the weather policy.
If a day is missed due to inclement weather, Kansas Youth Soccer Association will try to add extra time on other days/nights; the camp will never exceed the set dates.
Can parents watch during camp?
Parents are welcome to watch their children at camp but must allow the coaching staff to run the sessions and allow your child to interact with the group.
On the final day of the camp, parents are welcome to attend to watch the games and presentations.
Parents are asked to cheer and support their child, BUT DO NOT "COACH" FROM THE SIDELINES.
Do the players receive an evaluation?
No written evaluations are provided, but players are encouraged to approach their coaches for feedback on their performance throughout the camp.
Camp instructors and coaches will send recommendations to the state office for players that should be invited in for a try-out with the Olympic Development Program.
Can players leave during camp or leave camp early?
Players cannot leave camp until a parent or guardian has signed their child out with the child’s staff coach. If a child is to be picked up by another adult, written permission must be provided to the camp director allowing that person to sign the child out of camp.
Parents are required to be at the field at least 15 minutes prior to the end of each session (excluding Residential Camps).
What discounts are available?
Team & Sibling Discounts are available for the Residential Camps - $25 discount for team members when 8 or more attend; 10% family discount for each family member.
Does Kansas Youth Soccer Association have a refund policy?
Fees for events are non-refundable unless the player is unable to compete due to sickness or injury. Please click on to review the Camp Refund Policy.
If a child is unable to attend for other unforeseen circumstances we attempt to transfer their registration to another camp at a later date. 
Each case is reviewed individually by the Director of Coaching & Player Development at Kansas Youth Soccer Association.